Eva Holland talks to the survivors and explores the aftermath of the Tunnel Creek avalanche — the tragedy that inspired “Snow Fall” — five years after a massive snow slide claimed the lives of three men.

via ‘4 the Boys’: The Tunnel Creek Avalanche, Five Years Later — Longreads


Media Fraternity

The state of media in Uganda is not self independent s

this due over sanctioning the media by the government of Uganda through puting in place stupid  laws against the media.

laws such the press and journalist act, anti terrorist bill and many others

Daily Story

Betty Namboze says Mao is driving DP backward since he was elected president general of DP Mao has not chaired any meeting for party supporters.

The woman mp of kasese Winnie Kizza is still blaming the government of Uganda of killing people in the region .she describes the killings in her word,”killing innocent Ugandans because of the government’s divide and rule policies”.

The opposition leader Dr kizza  Besigye warns Ugandans that government should not divert their attention on EA-LA issues .He say focus on corruption,land issues and defiance.

Parliament catch fire after Ingrid Enters the house today in Uganda


Kasaalu Isa born in kilyankuyege masaka district on 11th/oct/1996.He is  born in a family of 6 children and he the only one who archived success in education, a peaceful humble man attained a bachelor of science in mass communication at Islamic University in Uganda.